World Championships Ninepin Classic 2020

Year 2000 - new century started, World Championships in Poznań and.... ninepin bowling history in Tarnowo Podgórne just started too

Year 2005 - Tarnowo Podgórne goes international - 1st Liga Vector Masters Cup 2005 with all world-top players taking part and having fun

Year 2011 - International Tournament Liga Vector Masters Cup II and the ninepin bowling stars again meet in Tarnowo Podgórne.... then the Champions League, international games, friendly tournaments... history builds up and...currently bowlers worldwide are splitted into 2 groups. Some of them are amazed by the tournaments in Tarnowo Podgórne and the rest still need to experience that :)))

Both groups we kindly invite for Ninepin World Championships Tarnowo Podgórne 2020!

See You in Tarnowo Podgórne!

Gmina Tarnowo Podgórne

Tarnowo Podgórne is the commune of Wielkopolska, situated on an important east-west route, approximately 280 km from the Berlin and over 300 km from Warsaw. For years, the commune has been one of the most developed communes in Poland in terms of investors acquired and settled in Tarnowo Podgórne. Attractive location, convenient investment climate and extensive infrastructure have meant that the commune has been developing not only economically for years. From year to year, the range of services and sports infrastructure is expanding. Tarnowo Podgórne can boast of, among others, a unique thermal complex with swimming pools and sauna zone, sports fields, multifunctional halls, as well as an athletics stadium and sports shooting range. There is also a bowling alley on which league and international competitions are regularly held.

You are welcome to visit Tarnowo Podgórne!

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Gmina Tarnowo Podgórne
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